Mission MacDill


On May 9th, the Tampa Connection Class of 2019 visited the MacDill Airforce Base for our annual Military day. The missions of the day were to demonstrate the importance of our Military along with the social, political, and global economic impact.

Upon our arrival, we were driven to the Medical Simulation Lab where we were greeted by dedicated veteran instructors. The class was given the opportunity to learn the importance of basic in-the-field medical training and the impact it has had on the decreased number of military fatalities while overseas in war zones. The facility also trains the military’s medical staff on a regular basis. We were also able to witness hands-on medical training and had the opportunity to touch the human simulators that cost on average a whopping $40,000 or more!


At our next stop, we met three Airmen with a K-9, who gave us an impressive presentation. We were excited to watch the K-9’s ability to follow such strict and concise instructions, performing his job by command from his handler. The K-9, we learned, goes through vigorous training in order to be appointed a base or to be deployed.


K9 k92

Lastly, we were greeted by Tech Airmen who briefed us on a little bit of the history and the importance of MacDill Airforce. We learned that MacDill is home to over 56 countries partners, CITCOM and SOCOM. The KC-135’s are also based there; these tankers are used for cargo, human cargo, and most importantly: fuel! In addition, we had the honor of hearing from Master Sargent Matthew Orlando who supervises the Airmen Leadership Academy. He explained the importance of great leadership as a supervisor in the military, intense curriculum, and his 16 years of experience.

We then enjoyed a beach-side happy hour at the Getaway in St. Pete which is owned by Tampa Connection Alumni, Dave Burton.


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