Tampa Connection is a volunteer-run nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide local business professionals with the necessary tools to become active leaders and volunteers in the Tampa Bay Community. Each year, a select group of applicants are chosen to participate in the Tampa Connection “class.”  The year-long program exposes class members to leadership development, social, and community service opportunities while immersing them in the local community.  At the core of Tampa Connection’s mission and the class experience are three foundational principles: leadership, relationships, and community.


Tampa Connection recognizes that the nonprofit sector is key to building a strong community with a great quality of life. In order for this to happen, the community needs committed and engaged leaders. Tampa Connection will help you realize your leadership potential.


Tampa Connection strives to help class members build long lasting relationships and sustain them for years to come. Many of our alumni not only do business together, but are life-long friends.


Tampa Connection provides local professionals with a unique opportunity to get involved with their community. Over the last 35 years, class members have completed over 135 projects for nonprofit organizations throughout the Tampa Bay region.


The class is exclusively selected and limited. Applicants should be in or near middle management and destined for leadership
in their community and company.

What's our alumni up to?

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Each year, local nonprofits submit project proposals to the Tampa Connection Board of Directors for consideration. Through a live presentation process, a limited number of agency projects are selected to be carried out by the Tampa Connection class during their program year.