Each year, a select group of business professionals is chosen to participate in Tampa Connection. The year-long program exposes these professionals to community service and leadership development opportunities while immersing them in the local community.

Community Service
Non-profit organizations are carefully selected every year and paired with a dedicated group of professionals from Tampa Connection. These groups will take full responsibility for the planning and implementation of a project that fulfills a specific agency need. The team of professionals brings diverse experiences and backgrounds to the non-profit agency, as well as the project. Many of the non-profits that work with Tampa Connection have experienced a significant impact from their experience. Many projects continue to benefit the organizations, and several of our Alumni have gone on to serve on boards for the non-profits that they served.


Leadership Development
The non-profit projects allow Tampa Connection Class members to explore and exercise their leadership abilities. Additionally, class members have the opportunity to meet and learn from local community leaders. Class programs also include workshops in leadership, networking, and professionalism.


Community Exposure
Tampa Connection Class programs consist of monthly tours of the Tampa Bay area. Each program has a specific focus, and Tampa Connection Class gets a unique opportunity to get in-depth exposure to the Tampa Bay Community. Our programs focus on local history, arts, education, military, government, public safety, sports, and more.